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We are visual design professionals with a real life approach to provide creative graphic design solutions as well as attractive concepts for the various needs of our clients. Our team consists of various professionals in various fields, ranging from health products, fashion, automotive, technology, to restaurants and many more. With a strong and diverse foundation, we can create concepts that are more effective and tailored to the needs of our clients, whether it is related to budgets, target audiences, deadlines, or even the public perception of their company. Exceeding our clients' expectations is an honor that we always want to maintain..

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About Us

We are experienced in the field of digital media...

We always agree to discuss the client's project specifications, budget considerations and deadline requirements to provide estimates based on those parameters, which may differ from the policies of other companies.

From idea to result, we can provide flexible solutions with a premium touch. For us, every client is unique in their own way and the results we provide are different from others. With all our experience, we are confident and ready to handle any need directly, from small clients to large multinational companies.

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IT,technology & Installation

Broadcasting, Transmitter Network Installation, Internet and streaming.

Production Studio

Film Production, Animation, Advertising and other Promotion.


Banner design, marketing tools, annual reports, web design, 3D design etc.


Creative script writing, stryboard, content creative concept..

Analysis and development research

Metrology research, human resource development, skills training.

Procurement services

Procurement of office equipment, medical equipment and property.


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Digital Design

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Content creative

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Digital Marketing

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Media Content creative

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This is the strength of our team.

Popon Komalasari

President Commissioner

Expert in research, management and finance.


President Director

Expert in multimedia design, broadcasting, training, Economics and Communication.

Candra C Brata

Finance of Director

Expert in Medical Devices, Management and Production.

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